Taking a closer look at molasses

November 5, 2021

New trials at the University of Reading supported by ED&F Man demonstrates the benefits of feeding molasses, not only on fibre digestion but also on nitrogen utilisation.

In the first trial, cows were fed on diets which contained the same energy and protein content but with differing amounts of carbohydrates. One diet contained no Regumix, a 27% protein, 53% sugar liquid feed while the others contained 0.7kg, 1.4kg and 2.1kg respectively. As the proportion of Regumix was increased, fibre (NDF) digestibility increased significantly meaning cows were making better use of forages. Additionally, good rumen health was maintained, confirming that adding molasses does not increase acidosis risk. There was also an increase in the efficiency of protein utilisation with more fed nitrogen retained and less excreted. Milk urea levels also fell showing that the Regulated Release protein in Regumix was effectively utilised by the cows.

The second trial looks more closely at nitrogen efficiency, replacing a proportion of the rape and soya in the diet of mid-lactation cows with Regumaize 44, a 44% protein, 55% sugar, high protein molasses blend. In the trial diet 1.6kg
of rape and soya was replaced with 2kg of Regumaize 44, both diets had the same energy and protein contents. Milk yield and butterfat remain constant while milk protein was increased from 3.62% to 3.71%. Based on August 2021 prices, the diet including Regumaize 44 would equate to a cost saving of £5,000 over the winter! For farmers on a
constituent-based contract the additional milk protein can help support milk prices.

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