Silage Additives

The JPA Silage Additive range helps you create intelligent silage, a new way of producing silage that best suits your livestock. New grass and maize varieties create more sugar and starch and have lower fibre contents. In addition, developments in the way the cut material is managed and changes in growing crop management are presenting challenges to the silage maker.

For rumen friendly silage, Sila-Guard 40 Quattro features quick acting bacteria converting valuable crop carbohydrates into energy for milk production.

• Patented organism Lactococcus to inhibit clostridia
• Produces silage with a lower lactic acid level
• Contains sugar enhancing xylanase enzyme
• Lactobaccillus buchneri for yeast and mould inhibition

• Retains feed value within the clamp
• Helps maintain ideal rumen pH
• Releases additional sugars providing a boost in energy for milk production
• Reduces risk of heating and creates a more stable silage at feedout

Ideal for grass, maize and whole crop silage.  Sila-Guard 40 Quattro is available in 125g sachets, one sachet will treat 25 tonnes of forage.

Advance Grass contains lactic acid bacteria for fermentation control, a specific stabilising lactic bacterium for enhanced aerobic stability, specific enzymes for improved fibre digestibility in silage crops together with microbial stimulants to ensure rapid activation and effectiveness following rehydration in water.

Advance Grass has been designed to achieve maximum effect in forage crops used for silage.

Each 150g jar is sufficient to treat 50 tonnes of fresh crop. Add contents of each bottle to 50 Litres of fresh, clean water and mix thoroughly. Apply mixture to the crop at the rate of 1 litre per tonne of crop through properly calibrated spray equipment.

If you require silage additive for high dry matter the strength can be increased to meet your requirements.

For a information on silage additives and a quotation please call your JPA Sales Specialist or call 01768 881881 or email