Sheep Feed

Please find below a list of JPA ewe and lamb diets available:

  • 2 Good Nuts  – Ewe feed for quality milk production and lamb growth – nuts
  • 2 Good Rolls  – Ewe feed for quality milk production and lamb growth – rolls
  • Sel-Plex Nuts  – With added Sel-Plex – health insurance for lambs
  • Good 4 Ewe  – To compliment forage and encourage milk production
  • Stockblend 321  – Top quality palatable blend – to be fed to all types of sheep
  • Stockblend Plus  – Stockblend 321 with added barley
  • Flakey Stock  – Palatable blend for growing lambs or cattle
  • Ram & Lamb  – For pedigreee tups and gimmer lambs
  • Prime Lamb  – High barley inclusion lamb finisher nut
  • Lamb Chop  – For finishing lambs with a high carcass quality
  • Tasty Lamb  – High-performance lamb creep – maximise early lamb growth
  • Rumiblend  – A nutted balanced blend that is suitable for growing stock


Selenium is particularly important for breeding animals, ewes and rams and their off spring – the young lamb.

Adequate selenium status is required to ensure good health, fertility and performance. Selenium and Vitamin E are vital.  Sel-Plex provides a highly available source of selenium.  

Health Insurance for Lambs!

  • Better quality colostrum
  • Enhanced lamb vigour
  • Faster suckling
  • Better growth rates
  • Less ill thrift
  • Reduced white muscle disease