Minerals and vitamins are essential components of all livestock diets. Our team of sales specialists can work with you to review current feed rations and analyse forage advising you on the right minerals to overcome problems you may be experiencing.

JPA supply a range of carefully formulated minerals to complement the range of forages fed in the UK and help overcome specific problems. Minerals are available in a range of forms to suit every feeding system, including free access minerals and in feed products as well as buckets and blocks.

JPA Powdered Range:-

•    Elite Dairy
•    Super Dairy
•    JPA Dairy
•    Elite Tri Mag
•    Dry Cow
•    Elite Heifer Rearer
•    JPA Youngstock
•    Cattle Hi Mag
•    Cattle General Purpose
•    Elite Beef Breeder
•    Intensive Beef
•    Intensive Lamb
•    Sheep General Purpose

JPA Feed & Mineral Bucket Range – 20kg/80kg

  • JPA Dry Cow
  • JPA Cattle GP
  • JPA Protein Energy
  • JPA Cattle Breeder
  • JPA Ewe Breeder
  • JPA High Mag

DOWNLOAD the JPA Feed & Mineral Bucket Leaflet.

Specific bespoke minerals can be produced based on the results of forage mineral assay. All our products are backed by our experienced feed specialists who can help formulate the most effective mineral supplementation plan.

For further information on the JPA minerals please call us on 01768 881881 or email sales@jimpeet.co.uk