Milk Powders

The JPA Calf Milk powder range is formulated to provide outstanding nutrition using only quality, traceable ingredients.

The range features:

  • Carefully selected milk solids with maximum nutritional value.
  • Balanced blends of vegetable fats and oils, homogenised and emulsified for maximum digestibility.
  • Full supplement of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Ultra Life

24% Protein | 20% Oil
A LifeStart accredited whey based milk replacer. This milk replacer is carefully formulated to ensure it has an appropriate and specific nutrient profile to support the growing calf. The LifeStart Programme is helping understand nature’s way to unlock the early growth potential of the calf to further improve dairy farm efficiency in the future. NWF Ultra Life milk powder is suitable for accelerated heifer-rearing programmes on either bucket systems or computer-controlled machines.

Ultra Milk Yellow

22% Protein | 18% Oil
A top quality skim based milk-based calf milk replacer, ideally suited to the professional calf rearer or dairy units looking for high performance. Ultra Milk Yellow has a high skim milk content making this milk replacer highly digestible. It is suitable for many systems, particularly those wanting something special from their youngstock.

Ultra Milk Green

22% Protein | 18% Oil
A skimmed milk-based product, ideal to promote early bloom and a healthy-looking calf, suited for many systems, particularly those selling stock at a young age.

Ultra Hi Pro Heifer

26% Protein | 17% Oil
A top quality whey based milk replacer that is suitable for accelerated heifer rearing program’s that require a high protein product.

Ultra Milk Blue

22% Protein | 19% Oil
This excellent whey based product enables fast cost-effective growth and development with enhanced concentrate feed intake at this critical stage in life. A high energy calf milk replacer that reconstitutes easily.

Ultra Milk Purple

21.5% Protein | 14.5% Oil
An easy-mixing economical calf milk replacer that enables fast, cost-effective growth and development at this critical stage. Reconstitutes easily in cold and warm water.

JPA also supply a range of lamb milk replacers and starter pellets.

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