Cattle Feed

Please find below a list of the JPA cattle diets available:

Kickstart – A new and improved calf starter pellet with Bio-Mos

Sweetstart – A new and improved calf starter blend with Bio-Mos

Total Rearer – Follow on from calf starter diets at 10-12 weeks

Maiden Heifer – A specially designed heifer ration to maximise LWG

Big Boy Beef Blend – A palatable blend that maximises feed intake

Big Boy Finisher – Big Boy Beef Blend with added barley

Hi Starch Big Boy – Increased levels of starch help finish cattle well

Total Beef Finisher – To intensively finish cattle with added Yea-Sacc

Rumiblend – A nutted balanced blend suitable for growing stock

Stock Rite – An excellent general purpose nut for cattle and sheep

Tiger 35 – Concentrate pellet for home mixing

Suckler Rolls – 2 in 4 magnesium to reduce the risk of staggers

Dry Cow Nuts – Helps the cow in the transition period

Yummy Mummy Pre Calver – A pre calver suckler cow diet designed to promote animal health and colostrum quality

Yummy Mummy Pre Breeder – A suckler cow diet designed to promote post calving health, yield and a rapid return to ovulation

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JPA Calf Feed range now available and featuring Bio-Mos
– a sticky sugar which binds bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella together. This then stops them sticking to the gut of the calf. Research carried out by Alltech has shown:

  • Reduced incidence of diarrhoea –  42%
  • Reduced electrolyte treatments –  79%
  • Reduced antibiotic usage –     22%
  • Increased starter feed intake –    13%
  • Increased daily live weight gain –   16%

Bio-Mos is supported by over 12 years of solid scientific evidence