In Agriculture the landscape is ever changing, with world markets dictating what you receive for your milk, beef and lamb to counter this we have to keep up to date with our products using the latest technology to maximise your performance every single time.

At JPA we continue to fix our formulations which is unique within the industry; most companies put a name to a product but continually change that product to mostly fit their needs, not yours, our products have the integrity they deserve.

Our diets have evolved; we are constantly working with our industry partners to improve them. One of our improvements has been to use Bioplex copper, zinc and selenium (Sel-Plex) in our dairy diets.

We now include butterscotch in our Dairy diets which helps with palatability time after time. We also are manufacturing bespoke dairy compound feed to meet the specific requirements for your animals.

We made an investment at JPA and introduced double pressing a process that improves the quality of our product making it consistent delivery after delivery. The use of palm oils in our diets helps maintain the product and improves the energy status of the feed.

Our beef diets are very traditional with cereals playing a big part in the formulation they work because of this strategy, the youngstock diets have both the traditional approach and the more advanced route.

Our sheep feeds focus on quality with the care we put on feeding the bacteria of the rumen enhanced with the correct levels of Vitamin E and Sel- Plex Selenium added to make the lamb attempt to stand and suck as early as possible.

Our blend offering is strong with industry has known Big Boy being our flagship diet, however, we also make TMR specific blends and bespoke and unique to your own needs.

This year we have introduced a product called Bio-Moss into our calf products a sticky sugar complex that is proven to deal with ecoli salmonella and cryptosporidium three main problems of rearing calves. Along with lucerne which has been a successful addition to the diet.

DOWNLOAD the JPA Feed Flyer listing the diets we have for your herd of flock.