The Organic sector has gone through change over the past few years and I am happy that now supply and demand are balanced allowing farmers to benefit from producing their product.

With feeding organic stock there are no hiding places, the correct nutrition is paramount getting rumen function correct and making use of your forages is top of the agenda.

We work well with our manufacturing partner to produce a diet that is suitable for your enterprise, whatever the starch protein or energy level you require we have a solution to fit your needs, if not we soon will!  Our manufacturing partner has invested in their mill offering an excellent physical quality product that then gets delivered to your farm.

We have the option of providing straights to your farm in small or large lots please ask for more details.

At JPA we have experienced people to support you with your organic enterprise which includes compliance checking, Forage analysis is also available for you to correctly match the type of forage to the correct concentrate.

Please call the office for more information on 01768 881881

We have three dairy diets available – an 18%, 20% and 22% as well as a rearer diet.  But many other bespoke diets can be made.

View the JPA Organic Certificate.

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